The DeFi

Re-DeFining the future of finance with Crew Lab’s business solutions. We decentralize your business by unleashing the power of Web 3.0 and maximizing your performance.

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Ahead of the Curve

Revolutionize business models by reducing intermediaries, costs, and increasing transparency.


A more open and accessible web, allowing for new forms of creativity, and enabling new opportunities.


Where data and services are distributed among the network rather than controlled by a central authority.

Unleash the Power of the new DigitalAge with Web 3.0

Where control is distributed among its users rather than centralized in a few large companies or organizations. De-Fi will disrupt traditional financial systems by enabling new business models and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

thanks to web 3.0

We're able to

Protect Your Data

Help safeguard your personal information, privacy, and security, minimizing the risk of identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access.

Super Smart Search

Deliver highly accurate and relevant search results by understanding context, user intent, and providing intelligent suggestions.


Enables effective decision-making, ensures accountability, mitigates risks, and facilitates the achievement of organizational goals.

Work better together

Collaboration fosters innovation, enhances problem-solving capabilities, increases productivity, and strengthens relationships, ultimately leading to collective success.

Be Autonomous

Promote self-reliance, empowers individuals to make independent decisions, encourages creativity and personal growth, and allows for a sense of ownership and fulfillment in one's actions.

Manage Projects

Ensure efficient resource allocation, timely delivery of results, effective communication and coordination, and overall project success while minimizing risks and maximizing productivity.


Build strong relationships, promotes teamwork, facilitates problem-solving, and ensures alignment of goals and expectations, leading to successful collaboration and overall organizational success.


Reduce dependency on a single point of failure, ultimately enabling resilience, agility, and distributed ownership within an organization or system.

Who we are?

Meet our Founders

Ryan Robertson

Ryan Robertson

Software Developer

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

UI/UX Specialist & Creative Director

Thomas Gaffney

Thomas Gaffney

Business Strategy & Development, Attorney

Soumik Dey

Soumik Dey

Project and Resource Manager

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